09/04/2019 - jimmy_dean - Curb Appeal – 9/4/2019

AO: jimmy_dean

When: 09/04/2019

QIC: Titanium


Number of Pax: 4

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Triple Threat, Sporty Spice, Drama Queen, Titanium


Used our surroundings this morning with weights and the F3 Deck of Death thrown in. After a quick warm up, we started out rotation and reps. Modifications from the pax were necessary for some of our reps – seemed simpler on paper!

The Thang:

Before/between each curb exercise set, we drew a card from the F3 Deck and did whatever exercises and reps were listed (Number cards +10, Royal = 25, Ace = 100). Then moseyed over to the next curb and exercise set. At each curb, we did 20 reps of each exercise in the pair using the curbs.

  • Curb 1 – Push Ups / Tricep Dips

    • Needed Drama Queen‘s intervention for a modification for this one! She made this possible!

  • Curb 2 – Calf Raises Up / Calf Raises Down

    • Sporty Spice must have a killer core – no problem with wobbling for her on the calf raises!

  • Curb 3 – Sit Ups / Glute Bridges (feet up on curb)

  • Curb 4 – Mountain Climbers / Jump Ups

    • Triple Threat got some air time on her Jump Ups! I noticed because mine were degrading to the pitiful level…

  • F3 Deck – Our draws included:

    • Squat Thrust – 18

    • Oblique Crunch – 15

    • Smurf Jack – 25

    • Backwards Lunge – 18

    • Bulgarian Split Squat – 12

    • Jumping Lunge – 16

    • Monkey Humper – 25

    • Shoulder Tap – 25

    • Diamond Merkin (Pushups) – 25

    • Freddie Mercury (Bicycles) – 25

Something was going on with the face cards…we kept drawing them! But made it through 2 or 3 full rounds of curbs/deck draws (I can’t remember because I’ve taken so long to write this backblast!).


In a Bible study I’m in, the minister said that Russian ministers were gathered with US ministers and the Russians were sharing story after story of miracles they had experienced in their churches/communities. Finally, they said “but you live in America – you must have so many more miraculous experiences”. The minister said that she could not think of one. For the next week, I thought about the miracles I’ve experienced. They are all around if we take the time to ask for and recognize them. Our challenge is to recognize the need, ask for God’s miraculous intervention, and watch expectantly. Then praise and proclaim those miracles!


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