08/25/2021 - the_mud_room - Bucket List

AO: The M.U.D room

When: 08/25/2021

QIC: 5G and Signs Co-Q


Number of Pax: 15

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Signs,Dr Prime,Coco, Broadway, UHaul, Bollywood, Nemo, “Boxer” (FNG), Cruiser, Zumbo, Graphite, Titanium, Sonic Boom, KPub, 5G


5G opened us with a welcome, the disclaimer, and some warm up exercises.  She taught us some new Indian yoga exercises.  Then we used a Bucket full of colorful cards to select which exercises the group would do together.  We used the parking space lines as a “ladder” to climb. 

Green – cardio

Blue – Legs

Purple – planks

Pink – arms

White – game cards

We are practicing repeating the name of the exercise once it is called.  @Broadway was consistently good about this.  @Zumbo kept us on track counting.  Even though I was the Q, and had requested the group repeating, I kept forgetting.  The men of F3 do it, and I think it is worth emulating.  It helps us learn the lexicon, and also helps all the folks hear it, not just those near the Q. And helps save my voice box, which is struggling these days. 

We tried to alternate different color cards and therefore muscle groups.  A few white cards were drawn, where we went “down the ladder 2 exercises,” and redid those two exercises before adding on a new one.  UHaul selected one of the game cards  that said, “go back to your favorite exercise”.  UHaul selected to go back to Mt Climbers.  Which was great, until we had to redo burpees, and a few others to get back to where we could add on a new exercise. There was  mumble chatter (grumbling) – not sure if it was over the burpees, or that I hadn’t made it clear we had to repeat all the exercises to get caught back up.

Once we got to the top of the parking lines, we decided to head back to the mats to get some water, and chose from the yellow cards  to do some abs.  

Upon completion, 5G did some cool down and stretching exercises.  I totally needed those neck stretches too, @5G! We had a FNG Tonya, who was named “Boxer”. So good to see @Sonic Boom and @BabyBoom (who wasn’t showing at all!) 


Notes on this Q- Go in order of the line.  Each person runs to the bucket to pick out the exercise.  When they get back to their place in line, they call out the exercise, and the pax repeat it.  Ask each person to get a different color from their neighbor.  Also, once they get to the line, they need to drop the card like a rung on a ladder.

Save yellow and purple cars to do at the mat.


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