09/09/2020 - the_mud_room - Birthday Burps

AO: The M.U.D room

When: 09/09/2020

QIC: Queso


Number of Pax: 11

Number of FNGS: 2

Pax Names:

Hermione, Buzz, Sonic Boom, Flip Flops, Fast Feet, Zumbo (FNG), Brisket (FNG), Signs, Titanium, Tex, Queso


We had a great birthday celebration this morning….we grew (welcome new PAX Brisket and Zumbo!), we encouraged one another (see our COT), and we shared in fellowship over cofFia (thanks to Sonic Boom, Tex, & Titanium for bringing all the goodies!) We even had birthday hats, noise makers, (thanks Flip Flops) and a birthday sign! (Thanks Tex!)

It wasn’t all fun and games though….kinda…. Although this was a heck of a beat down (please come back Brisket & Zumbo!) we had some fun doing it…didn’t we?! 


PAX placed their mats on one side of the green and their weights at the other side. As the music played (all birthday themed, of course) we did 15 reps of one exercise, then ran to the other side to do 15 reps of that exercise. As we finished on the mat and ran toward our weights, some of us got caught in the middle with having to do some Happy Birthday Burpees! Any time the song lyrics said “happy birthday” we blew our noise makers and dropped to do a burpee. I feel like every time I looked up Sonic Boom was gettin stuck in a “happy birthday” interlude. ha!  Sorry girl….but you killed it!

Here’s what went down during every song:

Song Duration Mat side (15) Weight side (15)
1 – Birthday – The Beatles 2:43 Russian Twist Curl w/side raise
2 – Birthday – Katy Perry 3:34 Push ups Side deadlift with opposite lift
3 – Happy Happy Birthday Baby – Ronnie Milsap 3:46 Reverse crunch leg drop Tricep ext
4 – Happy Birthday Baby – Joe Simon 4:50 Mt climbers Weighted squat jumps
5 – Happy Birthday Dance Mix 0:33 BGS w/punch Kettlebell swings
6 – Happy Birthday – Stevie Wonder 5:56 Walking plank Monkey humpers
7 – Happy Birthday – Kygo & John Legend 4:09 Plank jacks Upright rows
8 – Happy Birthday – Lenny Kravitz 4:55 Bicycle Renegade rows

Here’s what I learned this morning:

Hermione “loves” renegade rows just almost as much as she loves (to hate) tricep extensions…..but she has no problem with burpees…..what?!  Titanium loved the renegade rows so much, she did double! Pay attention next time, lady! Ha! Buzz does not submit to peer pressure….we could blow our party horns all day and that was a big NOPE! she was done with the burpees! LOL Signs is a power horse! While she’s missing some FiA days because she’s studying for an upcoming exam, you wouldn’t know it! She quietly just does The Thang and gets.after.it flawlessly. Doesn’t complain, doesn’t take short cuts and doesn’t stop. She’s FIERCE and I love it!

During CofFiA, Fast Feet & Brisket found out their kids go to the same school AND they live in the same neighborhood! What a small world…more FiA friends = more accountability! 🙂 

COT time: we each grabbed a couple note cards and wrote a small note of encouragement to as many FiAs as we could in about 3 minutes. We may not stop as often as we should to let each other know how much we appreciate each other, but we are truly #bettertogether and better because of each other…..thanks for making FiA all that it is and thanks for making each one of us better because of it.

Happy Birthday FiA Sisters….and many, many more to come!



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