03/08/2024 - the_mud_room - Best of Buzz

AO: The M.U.D room

When: 03/08/2024

QIC: Buzz


Number of Pax: 5

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Miyagi,4K, Tex, and Kiwi


This is all exercises from the base Q that I use just about every time with a few tweaks. I tried to label all the stretches correctly, but I still didn’t label one of the back stretches well enough. The numbers on the side of each song set represent which Q workout it was for me. My 5th Q was a Sci-Fi guessing game, so I didn’t put the title of the song. Tex guessed Dr Who, which is always a good guess with me, but 4K and Kiwi looked stumped. Miyagi, after giving them a few more seconds to ponder, chimed that it was the Theme from Star Trek of course. We pretty much kept moving with stretches in between the exercises instead of actual breaks. We made it through the whole workout except for Superman.


Best of Buzz  –  03/07/24

  1. A Dream is a Wish Intro/Disclaimer   Opening Stretches – loosen up

~45 second Exercise (~ 20 reps) – 15 second Stretch Pause and Drink as needed!

  1. Fairytale Life     Monkey Humpers; Mad Cat/Cow; Side Lunges; Runner’s Lunge Stretch; Cherry Pickers(L>R); Hurdler Stretch
  2. Roundtable Rival Pretzel Crunch; Crunch Stretch; Russian Twists; Knee to Chest Stretch
  3. Hungry Like a Wolf Mountain Climbers; Shoulder Shrugs; Peter Parker; Leg Stretch; Push-ups; Cobra
  4. Sci-Fi Theme? Hillbillies; Triangle stretch; Windmills; Arm Circles; Imperial Walkers; Head Circles
  5. Shut Up and Drive Bicycle; Reverse Rocking Chair Stretch; Boat Canoe; Trunk Twist
  6. Do You Want to Build Reverse Crunch; Rocking Chair Stretch; Ankle Biter; Frog Pose Stretch
  7. Doctor Who/Big Bang2 Raggedy Ann; Bending Stretch; Weed Pickers (front to back); ?Lean Back Stretch
  8. Keeping up w Joneses Butterfly Stretch; Windshield Wipers; Lying Stretch; Jane Fondas; Supine Spinal Stretch; Heel Beats; Child’s Pose 

Radioactive   Tricep Chop; Down Back Arm Stretches; Prayer Squat; Arm Stretches; Curls; Cross-body Arm Stretches

Larry Boy LBC; Bridge-up; Superman; Prone Spinal Twist; Calf Raises; Foot Stretch

Orinoco Flow * Closing Stretches

So Long & Thanks COT –  Let your Silly Shine!  

Name-A-Rama Myagi, 4K, Tex, Kiwi


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