12/26/2022 - the_mud_room - Anticipating New Year’s…

AO: The M.U.D room

When: 12/26/2022

QIC: Songbird


Number of Pax: 4

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Miyagi, Chameleon, Cupcake, Songbird


As we get ready to ring in the new year soon, I used my New Years Q to celebrate with MUDRoom FiA friends today, 4 PAX in all were present (one being my sister in town from NY). Started off with an intro and disclaimer as we stretched out our muscles.

For warmup we did a Countdown to the New Year!

10 jumping jacks

9 squats

8 toy soldiers (alternating)

7 high-knees (L/R)

6 butt kicks (L/R)

5 good mornings

4 lunges (2 forward, 2 back)

3 imperial walkers (L/R)

2 star jumps

1 burpee

Then we did 23 (for the new year 2023) of each of the following exercises that start with the letter of the months of the year (or AMRAP until the first one to 23):

January – Jack jacks, Jello shooters

February – figure 4 squats, flutter kicks

March – mountain climbers, monkey humpers

April – alternating shoulder taps, ankle biters, American pie sit-ups

May – mat taps

June – Jack-in-the-boxes

July – Jump shots

Aug – angry donkey kicks, Ab-solution

Sept – speed skaters, scorpion dry docks, sparky crabs

Oct – overhead presses, “over-the-rainbow” leg arches

Nov – narrow squats w. kickbacks, narwhals

Dec – dying cockroaches

We got through the “year” exhausted, but energized for the day!

Shared my COT while stretching

Going into the new year from the last…

For things that were wonderful last year, gratefully be thankful!

For things that were sad last year, courageously move forward.

For things that were hard last year, humbly learn from them.

For things failed last year, determinedly keep trying.

For things unfinished last year, perseveringly keep going.

For things still uncertain from last year, wholeheartedly keep trusting.

– Songbird


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