09/05/2020 - the_coop - ALARM Work Out

AO: the_coop

When: 09/05/2020

QIC: Tex


Number of Pax: 5

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Flip Flops,Titanium,Signs,Energizer (FNG),Wheels


We warmed up with a game of “Never Have I Ever” – side shuffles right (for “haven’t”) or left (for “have”)

Had a pumpkin spice latte in 2020; Broken a bone; Eaten 10 Oreos in one sitting; Used more than 10 pound weights in a FiA workout; Ice skated on a frozen pond; and a few PAX suggestions.

Next we did our workout routine which I found in the Lexicon “A-L-A-R-M” stands for Arm, Leg, Ab, Run, M Exercise. We did each exercise for 45 seconds with 15 seconds rest:

A – curls

L – walking lunges


R – run 3 times round the large pavilion

M – manmaker


A – tricep curls

L – squat kick alternating

A – Russian twist

R – run 3 times round

M – mat taps


A – shoulder press

L – fast feet

A – bicycle crunches

R – run 2 times round

M – monkey humpers


A – chest press (lying down)

L – skaters

A – reverse crunches

R – run 2 times round

M – mountain climbers


A – ventral/lateral raises alternating

L – calf raises

A – hip dips – switch halfway through

R – run 1 time round

M – merkins (push ups)

We finished just in time to cool down/stretch and name our FNG!

COT:  Looking at my dirty shoes during the hip dips last week, I had a thought…a pair of running shoes that are in good shape, usually belongs to a person that isn’t. That applies to a lot of things we can own. If it’s pristine, we aren’t using it. Let’s use what’s been given to us for the good of ourselves and the people around us.


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