01/28/2022 - the_mud_room - A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

AO: The M.U.D room

When: 01/28/2022

QIC: U-Haul


Number of Pax: 13

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Miyagi, Whiskers, 5 Star, Kinetic, Nightingale, Zookeeper, Natya, Challenger, Graphite, Flip Flops, Titanium, Cruiser


 I just recently looked back at the first workouts that I ever Qed.  This is a workout that I pieced together from a little bit of each of those workouts.  Several people told me that they loved AND hated this one.  It was a GOOD workout.


15 Cherry Pickers

Song – “walk like Egyptian” 

Burpee – walk like an egyptian

Push-up – whistle

Imperial walkers / jacks/ mat taps


Run to stairs and back

That Thang:

Count down in multiples of 10

100 -bicycles 

90 – J Lo’s (45 each side)

80 – Minute plank

70 – Calf Raises

60  – Zebras (30 each side)

50 – Skaters 

40 – Dori’s (up, down, apart together)

30 – Deadlifts

20 – Buzz Saws

10 – Monkey Humpers


Run to the steps and back


Circuit workout (using seconds pro, 30 seconds of work for 16 exercises, then 1 minute break before round 2.  We actually only did one round)

30 secs X 16 exercises 

Mountain Climbers

Tricep Dips

Little Baby Crunches

Plank Jacks

Carolina Dry Docks



Back Planks

Buzz Saws

Little Man in the Woods

Push up Up Downs


Monkey Humpers


Ankle Biters



Circle up for Sally’s (to “Flower” by Moby)

Squats down when sally is down and up when sally is up.


Stretch, Nameorama, COT and picture

Miyagi, I’m attaching a picture of today’s COT just for you!!



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