08/16/2021 - the_mud_room - A Little Bit of Everything

AO: The M.U.D room

When: 08/16/2021

QIC: Broadway


Number of Pax: 16

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Titanium, Nemo, Miyagi, Flip Flops, Breezy, Songbird, 5 Star, Picante, Signs, Queso, Cruiser, Sweet Treat, U-Haul, Coco, Butterfly, Broadway


A little procrastination and a little last minute panic lead to A LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING!

Warmup: A musical number to… The Macarena! PAX did head rolls, shoulder shrugs, cherry pickers, windmills, high knees, and jumping jacks except during the chorus when we, of course, did THE MACARENA!

Since the humidity was 1,034% this morning, we were already dripping sweat by this point. But we pressed on.

The Thang:

Our first routine was a set of 11’s doing Jumping Jacks and Squat Presses. We lined up along the long sides of the green and had our weights across the square from us.

Next we traveled to the Stairway to Heaven where 1 PAX would climb the stairs while everyone else exercised. Every 2 climbers, we switched to a new move. These were… calf raises, arm circles front, lunges, tricep dips, arm circles back, and wall sit.

We were really feeling the heat so the trip back to the green was a little slower than the trip over.

Rings of Fire were up next and we passed 1 exercise down each side. First everyone did LBC while we passed 5 hip dips and then everyone did a glute bridge while we passed 5 froggers.

LUCKILY we had time for 1 more set of 11’s with plank jacks and hammer curls.

COT: Advice from a Pickle

Life can be hard sometimes. Dill with it.

Relish every moment you share with those you love.

The door to happiness is always ajar.

If you want life to be sweet, you have to know what sour tastes like too.

Remember, life is never a dill moment.

Don’t worry – in the end everything will be just brine.



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