01/23/2024 - the_mud_room - 4K Push/Pull

AO: The M.U.D room

When: 01/23/2024



Number of Pax: 3

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Tex, Kiwi, Titanium


I based the workout on 32 second increments…to represent the Georgia 4K Challenge’s  32 peaks that qualify for the challenge of which I am named. (32 over 4K feet)  8 second rest

Warm up- 5 Min

The Thang:

(2 rounds)-should have done 3 timewise

4 stations- 2 opposing (push/pull)exercises per station

Station 1: Pushups/lat extensions (lay on elevated concrete)  —->Lunges to next station—->

Station 2:Dips/barbell curl—->Side lunges—>

Station 3: Shoulder press/Dumbell Rows—–>Skip Jumps—->

Station 4:Squats/leg curls (get on all 4s- do like a bicep curl with your leg- thigh shouldn’t move much)—–>

run a lap between rounds

Abs/back work:

Big girl sit-ups


Side drops


Folds (touch toes overhead, return to lying position)


Reach outs




The difference between a winner and a loser is not whether or not you win or lose.  Even the BEST at something lose on the way to the top.  Here’s the difference:  when a winner loses, it bothers them, it eats at them, they train harder, they refocus on their goal,  it FUELS them.   When a LOSER loses, it cripples them, they crumble and hide, it debilitates them and they hide from the challenge again. As you go today, choose the winner’s attitude!  



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