10/21/2022 - amazon - 4 Corners – Pick a Stick

AO: Amazon

When: 10/21/2022

QIC: Taquito


Number of Pax: 7

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Ghost Rider, Hammer, Ultimate, Rapid, Signs, Sentinel


Warm Up:

10 Weed Pickers

10 Jumping Jacks

Side Stretches

Chumbawamba – Played “I Get Knocked Down” song by Chumbawamba.  Do jumping jacks throughout and every time it says “I Get Knocked Down” we did a burpee (It was cold out, so this got us nice and warm)


The Thang:

4 Corners on the Soccer Field.  Each corner was a category (arms/legs/abs/cardi0).  Sticks with workouts written on them were placed in a cup at each corner.  Sticks with transition moves were placed at the starting corner.  Pax began at the abs corner and drew a stick, did 10 reps of the ab exercise on the stick.  Next drew a transition stick and the transition move was done by the pax between each corner for the duration of that round. Repeated this process through each corner. This was one round.  Once we came back to the starting corner we chose a new transition move and did that to each corner for the full round.  2nd round we continued choosing sticks at each corner but increased the reps to 20.  Third round increased the reps to 30.  Then went back down to 20.  Workouts/sticks we pulled were:

Round 1 (10 reps)

Abs Corner: Big Girl Sit-ups

Legs Corner: Step-Ups

Arms Corner: Alternating Front Arm Raises with dumbbell

Cardio Corner:  Jumping Jacks

Transition move was Butt Kicks

Round 2 (20 reps)

Abs Corner: 1 minute plank

Legs Corner: Lateral Leg lifts (stand like holding a chair in front and raise each leg to the side hip-height)

Arms Corner: Dumbbell Chest Press (laying with back on the ground)

Cardio Corner:  Mountain Climbers

Transition move was Walking Toy Soldier

Round 3 (30 reps)

Abs Corner: Little Baby Crunches

Legs Corner: 1 minute Wall Sit

Arms Corner: Overhead triceps extensions

Cardio Corner:  Plank Jacks

Transition Move was Duck Walks

Round 4 (back to 20 reps)

Abs Corner: Row Boats

Legs Corner: Fire Hydrants

Arms Corner: Dumbbell Renegade Rows (holding plank with dumbbell in each hand and alternate lifting dumbbell on each side–not sure the FiA name for this )

Cardio Corner:  Burpees

Transition move was Bear Crawl

Ended with a lap followed by COT.


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