03/22/2021 - the_mud_room - 3 HIITs and a Lie

AO: The M.U.D room

When: 03/22/2021

QIC: Titanium


Number of Pax: 9

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Buzz, Broadway, Zumbo, Songbird, Flip Flops, Sonic Boom, Uhaul, Broadway (visiting from KC!), Titanium


This was a take off of our FiA Social 2 Truths and a Lie…  Since so many of you thought my lie (being in a bar fight and getting arrested) was a truth (what?!), I decided that we all needed to get ready for the next bar fight!  So we started off with a Fighter’s Warmup, moved into 3 different HIIT workouts, and wrapped up with a Fighter’s Stretch.

We enjoyed having 2 Broadways at out workout – local and KC!  If I’d known, I would have brought a show tunes playlist.  Come back to visit, KC Broadway!

The Thang:

Fighter’s Warmup from Darebee.com:

  • Neck rotation
  • Side Bends
  • Mid Back Turns
  • Chest Expansions
  • Wide Arm Circles
  • Raised Arm Circles
  • Side Leg Raises
  • Hip Rotations
  • Low Front Kick Snaps

HIIT #1 – 45 sec on/10 sec rest – 2 reps each set

  • Bicep Curls / Burpees / Upright Row / Jog in Place
  • Jump Squats – Mountain Climbers / Side Lunges / Butt Kicks
  • Russian Twists / Jumping Jacks / Walking Plank / High Knees

HIIT #2 – 20 each

  • Side Lunge Extensions / In and Out Curls / Upright Row + Plie Pulses / Lean Leg Lunges

HIIT #3 – 20 each

  • LBCs / Leg Lifts / Ankle Biters / Flutter Kicks / Glute Bridges / Shakiras (glute bridge with alternating hip raises)

COT:  FiA and F3 are part of my families extended family and I appreciate you all so much!  During the Palmetto 200 race this weekend that my husband, son, and brother-in-law competed together in, my son Josh got a “big boy” F3 name…since he’s now 24 and, I guess, has outgrown He-He.  He is now Fake News since he works at CNN.  These FiA/F3 groups are MUCH more than a workout!  Love you ladies!


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