02/01/2022 - the_haven - 2/1/2022 – Four Corners

AO: The Haven

When: 02/01/2022

QIC: Rapid


Number of Pax: 4

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Uhaul / Sandy Green
Titanium / Robin Wilkinson
Happy / Ruby
Rapid / Lauren West


Four PAX for this Four Corners workout! Rapid’s VQ at the Haven.

Warm Up:

-Jog the parking lot once

-arm circles

-seal claps

-raise the roof


Four Corners: Go to each corner 4 times and do each activity 25 x each. Do high knees from one corner to the next.

Corner 1: with weights curl, press, tricep extension

Corner 2: Bonnie Blairs

Corner 3: Glute bridges

Corner 4: Mountain Climbers

Activity 2: Split into partners. One partner jogs around the 4 corners while the other person holds a static position.

Static positions:

1. Downward dog

2. Warrior Pose (right leg forward)

3. Warrior Pose (left leg forward)

Last – cool down, stretch, and Circle of Trust!


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