02/28/2024 - the_mud_room -

AO: The M.U.D room

When: 02/28/2024

QIC: Kiwi


Number of Pax: 5

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Sonic Boom


Warm Up (30 seconds each)

  1. Reach Up, Reach down
  2. Knee Hugs
  3. Back extensions (squat, arms raised- pull back, stand up)
  4. Toe taps
  5. Squat, hold, reach up R/L
  6. Lunge overhead reach
  7. Lateral lunges (side to side)
  8. Toes in/out squats
  9. Run to the stairs


Work Out (40sec on/10 break):

  1. One Arm Thrusters (squat/right arm raise)
  2. Reverse lunge with left foot back (right arm raise)
  3. One Arm Thrusters (squat/left arm raise)
  4. Reverse lunge with right foot back (left arm raise)
  5. Goblet squat
  6. Goblet squat, pulse
  7. Goblet hold to kneel (alternating)
  8. Romanian deadlift
  9. Alternating rows
  10. Step back to push up position- row, stand up
  11. Front squats
  12. Reverse lunges (alternating)
  13. Diagonal thrusters
  14. Curtsy lunges
  15. Squat side step
  16. Glute bridges, chest press
  17. Left leg glute bridge (norwal)
  18. Right leg glute bridge (norwal)
  19. Glute bridge pulse
  20. Tricep extensions
  21. Alternating dumb bell swings
  22. Side plank row (right)
  23. Side plank row (left)
  24. Reach up/down with weights
  25. Step back- push up (holding weights)
  26. Kettle bell swings
  27. Renegade row (push up position, alternating rows)
  28. Dumbbell deadbugs (on back)
  29. Russian twists
  30. Sit up, then twist
  31. Leg drops (weight up, on back, one leg drop at a time)
  32. Scissor kicks
  33. Reverse crunches (legs in and out)
  34. Leg drops/both legs
  35. Toe taps (on back)
  36. Crunches
  37. Crunch pulses
  38. Legs in-out-down (on back)
  39. Knees bent, abs hold (hover)
  40. Bicycle crunches
  41. crunch/toe taps
  42. Toe Taps
  43. Flutter kicks


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